Consider Peccolo Executive Partners for:


Public Relations

  • Counsel CEOs and senior executives

  • Corporate and product positioning

  • Media relations and tours

  • Business analyst presentations

  • Trade show and event management

  • Social networking


  • Market assessments

  • Customer surveys

  • Product planning and launches

  • Marketing campaigns (print, electronic or web)

  • Lead generation and development

  • Web site review, creation and management

  • Email marketing, blogs, SEM and SEO

  • Customer service


  • Establish sales goals and strategies

  • Modify and implement sales programs

  • Sales channel strategy

  • Selling process definition and training

  • Inbound and outbound telesales creation and development

  • Sales force mentoring

  • Effectiveness reviews

Business Counsel

  • Customer and prospect interviews

  • Satisfaction surveys

  • Operational review of corporate plans, staff and budgets

  • Optimize marketing and promotional campaigns

  • Strategic partner planning, selection and recruitment

  • Serve as interim or part-time senior management – including V.P. of Marketing, V.P. of Corporate Communications or V.P. of Sales and Business Development

  • Serve as a permanent member of your Board of Directors

  • Serve on an Advisory Board of start-up organization